Our lives are the journey. 
Our choices are the paths. 
                    -Victoria Trujllo-Cortellese

As we make choices in life,
we choose a path to travel.
Our paths vary,
from our choices in friends,
education, entertainment,
career, routines,
and our spiritual journeys.

Express yourself and make life your own.

The Influence of Color

We tend to associate a mood with a color. Mood rings have survived on this premise, the darker the color the stronger the feeling. Red is known to signify passion, while blue represents serenity. The colors we choose to surround ourselves with also influence our moods.  If we want to inspire creativity use blue, an orange kitchen initiates an appetite, and black dampens the mood. So the next time you paint a room or choose something to wear be mindful of the colors you choose because they will have an affect on you and those around you. Think of your intention for the room you are painting or what your daily intent will be prior to your selection. 

olors and Candles

Candles also have a color representation. Depending on the intention a color specific candle an be lit to give your intention a little boost of energy.  

Cranberry Red     Love, Passion, courage

Orange                Strength, Success, Joy

Yellow                 Clairvoyance, Communication

Green                  Healing, Prosperity

Blue                    Meditation, Tranquility

Purple                 Spirituality, Intuition

White                  Purity, Protection

Black                   Absorbs Negative Energy

Pink                    Emotional Love, Harmony

Apple Green        Emotional Healing, Protection

Light Blue           Clear Communication

Red/Cherry        Self-Love, Friendship

Apricot               Gentle Strength, Joy

Lavender            Intuition, Dignity, Spiritual Shield

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